ASN43 Semi-Telescopic

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Lead-time running about 7-8 weeks.
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  • ASN43 Series Semi-Telescopic Slides
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Semi-Telescopic Linear Guide made of cold draw steel rail materials.  Hardened to provide additional strength and wear resistance.  Excellent alternative to T-race SR43 product series.  Last number in the SKU is the product stroke out.  The middle number is the overall length when fully retracted.  All dimensions are in millimeters (mm).

Click here to download 3D CAD data.  Data for all lengths is contained within one ZIP file.

These products are typically used in pairs, one on each side of drawer, tray, box or pan.

Click here  to download a data sheet (Metric Units) about this product listing all part numbers. The stroke-out or travel is indicated in millimeters by the last number in the part number.

If you wish to see a listing in Imperial (English) units click here.

Pricing last updated Jul 27, 2021

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Additional Information

Assembly Height:
43 mm (1.69 inches)
Assembly Width:
22 mm (0.87 inches)
Rail Hole Pitch:
80 mm (3.15 inches)
Small Rail Hole Size:
M8 Threaded
Large Rail Hole Size:
Flat Head Thru Hole (M8)
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