DSS43 Fully Telescopic

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Lead-time running about 7-8 weeks.
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DSS 43 series product.  Last number is stroke-out length.  Number before that is the overall collapsed length of the product.

These are Fully Telescopic Linear Guides made of cold draw steel rail materials.  The DSS43 telescopic linear guide has a cross section approximately 120 mm ( 4.72") high x 28 mm  (1.10") wide, basically a tall and narrow section.  One side of the assembly attaches to your structure while the other side attaches to your moving drawer.  These are typically used in pairs, one on each side of the moving drawer. 

Load rating is per slide assembly.  Each assembly utilizes two retained ball bearing sub assemblies for almost frictionless movement of the rails.  Rail holes are drilled and tapped for an M8 fastener.  Rail holes are spaced every 80 mm (3.15") along the length of the each rail. 

Click here to download catalog data about this product.  The stroke-out or travel is indicated in millimeters by the last number in the part number.

Click here to download 3D CAD models in STEP format. 

Pricing last updated Jul 27, 2021

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