Microplate Robot

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  • Microplate Robot Positioning Stage
  • Microplate Robot with Well Plate
  • Microplate Robot Assembly
  • Microplate Robot Mounted an alumimum base plate
  • Microplate Robot with base plate and controller board
  • Well plate withPipette
$3,200.00 - $4,795.00


We make Instrument Robots for handling microplates, glass slides, and other payloads inside your instrument.  This product is used to precisely position micro plates (96 wells or greater) in life science instruments.

This Microplate Robot is our number one selling leadscrew driven XYZ fully motorized stage that can precisely position each well within your instrument.

X-axis travel = 114 mm, Y-axis travel = 164 mm, Z-axis travel = 32 mm

Installation is easy:  one electrical connection and two screws for fastening the base rail into your chassis or base plate.


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