TLR28P Telescopic Guides

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Lead-time running about 18 weeks.
  • TLR28 Series Telescopic Fully Open State
  • TLR Series Telescopic Fully Closed State
  • TLR Series Telescopic Side View
  • TLR28 Series Telescopic End View
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The TLR28 (New Telerace PLUS) Series is a high capacity telescopic guide family suitable for the toughest industrial applications. The TLR Series is constructed with cold drawn steel rails that are hardened to provide long life even in equipment with highly repetitive motion. The large cam roller wheel will tolerate contaminates better than ball based designs.  An innovative rail-wheel (or roller) interface will purge contaminates from the raceways. The rails are heat treated with an innovative nitride hardening process to make them resistant to corrosion resistant. 

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Lead-time running about 18 weeks now!

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